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Kurt Reynolds

Independent School District 564
English Teacher
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
I am happily married to the most amazing person in the world, Kristie (she also happens to be the smartest, funniest, and hardest working person I have ever met). I am also blessed with four amazing kids: Casey, KoKo, Kenzie, and Cash. When I am not with them, I am teaching high school English, which just so happens to be the greatest job on earth.

I am passionate about learning, creating, teaching, and helping others find their elements. In the words of Simon Sinek, I start with my why - why I teach is to help students find their elements (to borrow from Sir Ken Robinson). How I inspire them to do this is through reading and writing intensively. In this venture my students and I are co-learners. Finally, the what is that I help produce linchpins (to borrow from Seth Godin) who have the tools to bring their extra (to borrow from Thomas Friedman) to their professions and lives.

That's an awesome way to spend a life!